Terms & Conditions of Service

(Published September 2012)



  1. 1. Definitions

    These are just some clarifications

  2. 2. This Document

    We’re allowed to change these terms without notice

  3. 3. Your Account

    You can’t share your login details/any resources taken from the site with anyone outside of your institution, but you may modify (without removing branding) the resources for use at your institution

  4. 4. Fees

    Annual subscriptions renew and after you access the site, are non-refundable. To cancel you must give 2 weeks notice

  5. 5. Site Content

    If there’s an error on the site we’re not legally liable for it, but we will make every effort to fix it in a timely fashion. Also we try our best to provide constant access, but sometimes forces beyond our control might interrupt the service

  6. 6. Prohibited Conduct

    Don’t give away the resources to anyone outside of your school/college (including other teachers), or provide them with your login details

  7. 7. Data Collection

    We collect data such as your IP (Internet Protocol) address to detect misuse of accounts and we also use cookies

  8. 8. Termination

    We can terminate or suspend your account without notice if we believe you to have broken these terms and conditions

  9. 9. Privacy

    We won’t share your data with any third-parties and we’ll keep it safe