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    Packed with up-to-date information on the law, and the cases that relate to it, the workbooks are the centre of teaching law.

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    Each topic features a workbook, and Q&A slideshow. Using these in class will provide a cohesive learning experience.

As a teacher, I love being in the classroom, as I am sure we all do. But these days there is much more work outside the classroom that we are expected to do - create slideshows, make workbooks, fill in reports, prepare for inspection, come up with resources that challenge our students, but that include everyone. And that is on top of the heaps of marking and contact with parents. Every time the law changes or when the exam board makes a change, we have to trawl through a mass of resources, and if you can remember where you put it, updating every relevant sentence. And then there is the expense of replacing textbooks when a new addition comes out (which by the time it gets to print, is usually out-of-date already!).

I was lucky enough to secure a publishing contract some years back and I co-wrote revision books and teacher resources for A-level Law. I enjoyed writing the books but became frustrated with the strict format required by the publishers and the limited opportunities to update the books (as I am sure you are aware, the Law changes so often it is hard to keep up!). Surely there is a better way...

That is where we come in.

EBradbury provides you with everything you need to teach the law - detailed workbooks that take your students from novice to exam ready in no time at all, but that also link to extensive slideshows for use in the classroom, not to mention mind-maps and question and answer quizzes to test your students. Ever get tired of looking at ugly and confusing case websites? We did, so we made that part of EBradbury too - with hundreds of cases for every topic our Case Search is a must-have for both teachers, and students.

Sometimes you might need an experienced opinion on teaching a certain topic, and that is why we have put together high-quality videos on teaching ideas across the board. Alongside the videos, you'll be able to contact me directly to ask any questions about teaching specific topics, should you find you need guidance.

So instead of putting in hours upon hours producing your own resources, why not take a look at the biggest resource for A-Level law teachers? We are not a huge company recycling old resources, we are here to give you the best teaching assets in the field, that are not only constantly up-to-date, but tried and tested methods of teaching the law. Want to know more about who is behind the site? Take a look at the about page. I've tried to keep the cost down but I think that if you put a price on your time, the price is reasonable.

Welcome to EBradbury, the next generation of Law Teaching.


What's Included

  • Instead of attempting to organise these essential teaching resources by photo-copying textbooks and spending hours writing about the law, use our full-featured workbooks with your students. Packed with up-to-date information on the law, and the cases that relate to it, the workbooks are the centre of teaching law. Averaging 20-30 pages per topic, you can be sure they contain everything your students need to know. Also provided are tutor notes - with class activities and tips on teaching tricky areas of the law.

    Use our online versions to quickly browse through a topic, or download copies to print-out for your students.

  • Alongside the stunning workbooks are Slideshows. Each topic features a workbook slide-show to compliment your student's notes, and Q&A resources. Using these in class will provide a cohesive learning experience, as students are able to follow along using their workbooks.

    Our slideshows have been custom built in the browser so you don't need to install any software to view them. Simply open them on any computer that meets our system requirements and start teaching.

  • Sometimes its good to get a different and experienced perspective on teaching certain areas of the law, that's why we've created this fantastic set of teaching idea videos. As well as showing you a new way of teaching your students, these videos will provide you with a better understanding of how to fully utilise the site. Furthermore we've created criminal law videos which explain the law which can be used by staff to update their knowledge or shown to students in lessons.

    On top of all of that, you'll have access to handy mind-maps for use in class, as well as the useful Ask Emma page - ask Emma Bradbury any question about any area of teaching the law, and you'll have a tailored response in usually under a day. So whether you need to clarify a particularly complex area of the law, or if you want to wow an inspector, use this feature to liven up your classes.

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    12 months access to: Law making, legal system, crime and tort


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    12 months access to: Law making, legal system, crime, tort, contract/human rights and nature of law

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The resources are tailor-made for each exam board. Specify your exam board when you subscribe.

Every Plan Includes:

  • Ready to use resources for every module
  • Access everywhere and with any device
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The Alternative

For decades textbooks have worked wonderfully as a teaching recource, but with modern advances in communication and the web most publishers have failed to really utilise the power of the Internet. Here's how the traditional textbook stacks up:

Aspect EBradbury Offline Textbook
Material Ready-to-use resources Dense guidelines to be restructured for the classroom
Updates As the cirriculum changes Possibly once a year
Platform Any device, any time Printed, static workbooks
Cases Complete list ready to search Embedded between chapters
Support Included Non-existant
Reliability Classroom-tested resources Established creators
Access Students & Teachers Teachers

What our Customers Say

  • I learnt a huge amount from EBradbury which provided me with lots of resources which have enhanced my lessons.

    Mel Megitt
    The Law Academy, Liverpool
  • Her knowledge and understanding of Criminal Law is superb and her expertise in cases related to all the topics on the Criminal Law course I guess would be unrivalled in the world of Law.

    Kevin James
    The Ecclesbourne School

About the Site

Emma Bradbury

Emma Bradbury LLB(Hons), PGCE, MA has been a teacher for over years at a non-selective sixth form college in Stockport. She works in a large department (teaching approximately 350 AS & A2 Law students per year). She is used to large classes with students of varying abilities. She has taught both AQA & OCR A-level Law and over the years has also taught A-level Government & Politics, Access to HE Law, Criminology & Politics, GCSE Law and ILEX.

Having written textbooks and study-resources using traditional media in the past, she now dedicates much of her time to creating and curating the EBradbury site.

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